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Best of Sensor Awards 2023

Canary Medical was recently recognized as a finalist for the 2023 Best of Sensors Awards in the Medtech category presented by Sensors Converge.

Mine Real-Time Data to Drive Advancements in Patient Care

Canary Medical recently launched Canary Quantile Recovery Curves, an analytic module that collects data from all patients who received the Persona IQ implant. Data pooled from multiple patients allows surgeons to compare the parameters of individual patients — activity levels and knee kinematics — and rank them against peers of the same gender, who are in the same age group and who have a similar elapsed time since they underwent surgery. Surgeons can use that comparison to guide the recovery plan of individual patients in the year following surgery.

3 hospitals adding smart knee replacement in 2023

Three hospitals have added Zimmer Biomet’s smart knee implant, Persona IQ, so far in 2023. The device monitors patient metrics after surgery and shared the data through a wireless connection.

Dr. Kevin Pugh debuts smart knee implant at Kentucky hospital

Kevin Pugh, MD, performed Pikeville (Ky.) Medical Center’s first smart knee replacement, the hospital said Feb. 8.

He used Zimmer Biomet’s Persona IQ implant, which tracks patient metrics and recovery, according to a news release. The device measures input including range of motion, step count and walking speed.

“Smart Knee” may help knee replacement recovery

Dr. Kissin had new knee technology to offer, the Persona IQ Smart Knee, a knee replacement with sensors that transmit motion data. During surgery, the arthritic joint is replaced with a custom-selected plastic and metal replacement and an additional stem that anchors into the remaining bone.

Lessons from Serial CEOs in the Life Sciences

Bill Hunter, M.D., CEO of Canary Medical, agrees that the real impact of emerging technologies will be felt by pooling the clinical data they provide. Canary Medical partnered with Zimmer Biomet on its Persona IQ smart knee implant. “Integration of the various platforms will spur innovation,” Dr. Hunter said.